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[Something a little different] sheila mckay photography charlotte nc

20090328_1296Wanted to share a beautiful image I captured after all of the rain we had over the weekend.  As my dear hubby and I were driving out to a night out to dinner and a movie, I managed to capture the beautiful sun peeking through the clouds.  (and yes, I do carry my camera with me all the time!)



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[A rainy day] sheila mckay photography charlotte nc

Even on a rainy day this family makes a gloomy day – FUN!  J,J, M, and W – so sorry the rain didn’t wait long enough for us to finish our session.  We couldn’t get enough shots but we will not give up.  Hopefully the spring weather will be here very soon and I can have more for you.  For now, I leave you with this image that just says, Love – Family- Happiness!



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[Out in Blogger Space] sheila mckay photography kids photography

I am now trying to climb my way out of a pile of things to do that have been on my desk for several days now.  In the midst of it all, I had a chance to find an edit from a session that I didn’t get to share.

Just a reminder that there are only a few days away from the Spring Special that is set to expire the end of the month.  And for those upcoming Seniors, don’t forget to schedule your Senior session in order to take advantage of the great offers !


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[Senior Special] charlotte nc photographer sheila mckay

Yes, it is that time _ Senior portraits!  Wow, I remember my senior year – it was such a long time ago.  And I look back at my portraits  pictures.  I wish I had them taken with a custom photographer , maybe  I would have been happier with them and could actually call them my senior portraits.  This is a special time, just as the birth of a newborn or a wedding.  As promised, I am offering a Senior Special.  I cannot wait to work with seniors, they have such great ideas!  Give me call to book that session.


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[Storyboards] charlotte nc kids photography

Just had to share a quick post of a new storyboard that I have created.  L – can’t wait for you to see these images of your sweet little girls!


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[Playing catch up] sheila mckay photography charlotte nc

My computer has been down for about a week but I am finally up and running again.  Time to play catch up. I have so many images I am working on right now along with more specials coming up soon.  Keep checking back on my blog for these specials.  Just in time for seniors and Mother’s Day. 

While trying to catch up I thought I would share a few images. 




Now, I have wanted to post these images of my husband and son’s basketball team.  Last week, they played their best game ever and won the Championship! In my son’s words -It was AWESOME!  Maybe I should start another blog for my personal posts.   Yes, it crossed my mind to start another blog just for family but I love to share my personal images with everyone so that you can see just how important it is to me to capture every moment you can.  Without further ado . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



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[Check this out] sheila mckay photography charlotte nc

I am truly amazed at how much I have learned along the way with photography.  I have spent timeless hours reading, practicing, eating, and breathing photography and I learn something new every single day.  I had a client ask about a DVD and thought I would give it a try.  Just a little sample here. 

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