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I have been absent for a while but for good reason. I promised myself that I would slow things down and enjoy quality time with my husband and kids. I have not been on the computer as much so that I could spend time doing the fun things I remember as a little girl.

Fall is one of my favorite times of year, not only because of the beautiful leaves and crisp air but because I know Christmas is right around the corner. I love to hear Christmas music, see the sparkle of Christmas lights , the smell of coffee and cookies baking, but most of all, I love to see the look in my kids eyes and the smiles on their faces when we do all those things together!

I remember when I use to take control decorate the tree by placing every ornament precisely where I wanted it t be.  I wanted it to be perfect, white lights, not colored lights, balanced color and placement of each ornament so as to not disturb the austhetic appeal.  I even went through the trouble of using my finest china when we had Christmas dinner , only to dread washing all the dishes (because you know you cannot put china in the dishwasher!).  Well, this year, I vowed to make some changes.  Don’t get me wrong – there is a time for all of that. 

I vowed to let some of this go this Christmas.  I decided to let the kids take control  decorate the tree the way they wanted.  I watched them  as they placed their ornaments on the tree, carefully examining each ornament they touched with lots of questions about where we got it.  They were so interested in the meaning behind each one.  I was overwhelmed by their interest in them.  Through all of this, they found out a lot about relatives that they didn’t know.  They spurred so many old memories of Christmas past that I will cherish this day for a long time to come.  You know, they too, were precisely and strategically placing each ornament on the tree just as I would, but with the exception that decorating the tree was a part of the spirit and meaning of Christmas that many of us seem to forget.  Why do I keep rambling you ask? I am only hoping that you will realize as I did that Christmas will be remembered by the memories you create and share!

And now, because I hate to post without a picture – here are a few of my kiddos with the Christmas spirit (and without the OCD editing that typically comes along with my images).  Hope you enjoy as much as I did.




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