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[Summertime and back to school] sheila mckay photography | charlotte nc kid and family photographer

I cannot believe the summer has passed and we are already into a new  school year.  It honestly seems as though we were just having our last day of celebrations at school.  We were in full force with summer vacation the day after school was out and we have been on the go ever since. 

I made it a point to do all kinds of things with the kids this summer and somehow we managed to squeeze in lots of fun trips.    As our usual summer annuals trips – we visited Myrtle Beach SC and the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia SC.  Savannah, GA was a great trip but just didn’t get to visit long enough because baseball tournaments were our main items on the agenda.  We enjoyed some time visiting friends in Richmond VA and then headed up north to Washington DC and Georgetown to sightsee a bit.  It was such a great family trip! 

Although we love vacations in other places, some of the best times we had were at home just hanging out with each other.  It was so wonderful to hear the laughter of my children as they played with each other. 

Now that it is “back to school” it is also “back to business”.   I have had time to unwind and relax and now I feel rejuventated and organized and ready to get back to work!   

It is now that time to start thinking of fall and holiday portraits!  Whether it be a family portrait that has been far too long ago, a senior portrait, or even those holiday cards – If you are interested in a FALL MINI SESSION click here for information.  I will be available for full sessions as well and check back often, because I have another event planned!  Stay tuned for details.  You don’t want to miss it.  

Now – I will leave you with some of my favorite moments from this summer.  Just bare with me because I have way too many to post!









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[Sabrina – our sweet little guinea pig] sheila mckay photography | charlotte nc photographer

For all of you that know me and my family, we are very near and dear to animals.  I have loved them for as long as I can remember and my kids have been the same way.  We sometimes call Morgan  – Dr. Doolittle! 

Well, one of our family pets, Sabrina, the guinea pig has passed and it was devastating to all of us.  A guinea pig, was one pet I never had.  Let me tell you the story of how we acquired “Beanie” as we called her. 

On Heath’s 6th birthday, he announced to us he wanted a hamster.  Well, I had experienced the life of a hamster, and wasn’t sure we wanted one.  So, I told Heath he should research guinea pigs.  After all, they were much bigger and reminded us more of a rabbit than a mouse.   So, off to the library we went to check out books about guinea pigs.  We both read about these cute, cuddly animals and what it took to care for one.  My only fear was getting one that was prego!  I heard to many stories of bringing one home and then having way to many a few months later.  I read they could become pregnant as early as 4 months old.  

Our research continued on the web of course – and we stumbled across the Pet Finder site.  Then we noticed there were 2 guinea pigs at the Union County Animal Shelter.  You guessed it, we took a trip to the animal shelter to check this out.  I couldn’t believe  the local shelter housed more than just cats and dogs.  I have always been a firm believer that people should help find homes or provide a home for these unwanted animals rather than buying from a pet store.  When I told my son about the animal shelter and why they were there , he made up his mind that was what he wanted to do – save an animal. 

We looked at the dogs, puppies, and cats and kittens, and only wished we could take them all home.  It was heartbreaking to look at there faces.  So many longing for a home.  But, we were there to save another animal.  We entered a small room that had 2 guinea pigs, 1 black, and very large guinea pig, and 1 big, light tan, guinea pig with small cuts in her ears.  We picked each one up and in an instant Heath decided he wanted “the tan one – because she seems so nice and she isn’t squirmy like the other one”  So, we adopted Bridgett.  Yep, he decided he wanted to change her name to Sabrina – he was naming her after one of his best friends. 

We brought her home and she was indeed the perfect match for us.  She allowed anyone to hold her (and without every biting anyone!), she rode in baby strollers, and watched TV with the kids.  We learned her particular “squeals” and knew when she was hungry, in pain, and even when she needed to go back to her cage to use the bathroom.  Pretty smart for a guinea huh? 

So, now that she is gone – we have a special place in our backyard for her.  The kids have visited each day and my sweet Morgan has made a special stepping stone for her.  I promised the kids we would do something special for her because she was “something special” to us!



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[Horse Show] sheila mckay photography | charlotte nc kids photographer

What can I say?  I am so far behind in my blogging.  I have been spinning wheels since Easter.  Had lots of sessions, lots of editing, lots of baseball and softball games in between, and did I mention that my daughter was in her first horse show?  I have been dying to edit some of her pictures but with clients waiting patiently for theirs I had to put mine on the back burner a bit.  Well,  I managed to get through the client edits and have now moved on to my personal favorites. 

I am so proud my her.  She has been riding for a short while and truly loves it.  She can’t wait to get to the farm and ride.  If she could, she would ride everyday, all day.  It is so wonderful to see her connection with the horses.  She loves them all but of course, she has a few favorites. 

I just loved seeing her all dressed up in her riding garb.  But most of all I was so proud to see her confidence as she rode her horse Charleston, with lots of other experienced riders.    Here she is in all her glory, winning 3rd place at Running Wind Farm in Midland NC. 


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[out of the office] sheila mckay photography | charlotte nc photographer

I will be out of the office beginning Thurs, April 29th through May 3, 2010.  I will return calls and emails  after I return. 

Wish my son’s baseball team, the Charlotte Hurricanes  good luck in Rockwood, TN for the Battle of the South Baseball tournment!

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[Meet Penny] sheila mckay photography | charlotte nc photographer

Meet Penny!  We have missed seeing her lately.  The rain has brought us so much mud, that it has been pretty hard to get a chance to ride her.  M cannot wait to see her this week.  I am so thankful we have these images to keep her happy when she can’t get out to the farm to see her.

Check back soon – new special and event coming up!


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[Announcing my new website] sheila mckay photography | charlotte nc photographer

After long hours on the computer, I have finally finished my new website!  I am tickled pink and would love to know what you think!

Please take a look at and check back often because I plan to have news and specials posted there as well as my blog.

Just a reminder, that my Spring Special is still going on.  I have had several calls asking if they needed to complete their session my March 30th.  Here are some FAQ’s:


How do I take advantage of your Spring Special? 

Call me at 704.843.7034 or email me at to schedule your session.

After I schedule my session, what then?

We will talk about the details of your session – Where you would like to have your session, what to wear, and the kinds of photographs you are striving for.  Once we have decided on those details, we will then book your session.

How do I  book my session?

Once we have decided on the date and plate, you will receive an email from me regarding session details and policies.  At that time, payment must be received in order to secure your session date. 

Do I need to complete my session before March 30, 2010?

No, as long as we have booked and secured the session fee before March 30th – your session date can be scheduled any time after March 30, 2010 through June 30, 2010.

What happens if our session is rained out or I need to cancel or reschedule?

Your booked session fee will secure your date as long as weather permits.  I understand that things come up.  I only ask that you contact me within 48 hours to reschedule.  Your session fee is non-refundable but we can always reschedule for another date.

How many people can you photograph using the Spring Special Promotion?

 The Spring Special covers up to 2 people – any additional, will be $25 for each individual. 

And don’t forget, if you refer anyone and they  book by March 30, 2010, you will receive $50 off your next full session.  This full session must be booked my Dec 31, 2010. 

And just because this little guy is so cute , I had to post it!   (Hey, I take pet photographs as well)



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[you ordinary day – may just be Extra – ordinary!] sheila mckay photography | charlotte nc photographer

As my kids are getting older, and so am I, I say to countless friends how much I miss them being little toddlers.  Do you do the same? 

As I rush out the door to get them to school on time, take them to birthday parties, sleepovers, and sports practices and games, I realize that it is quickly into the rush of getting homework completed, dinner finished, and off to bed.   I know my schedule seems to be very familiar to many of you reading this. 

The recent day home due to snow day gave me a glimpse of what it was like to have them home with me during the day just as we did when they were in preschool.  Deciding on lunches and games to play made me realize that I do miss the ordinary day.   What doesn’t seem like much at the time, really does surmount to be the most extraordinary days.

Just take a few moments to listen to Katrina Kenison.

I hope her words will touch your heart as it has touched mine. 

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