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[Sweet Sam] charlotte nc newborn photographer | charlotte nc family photographer

Sweet Sam melted my heart the instant I held him.  It brought back so many wonderful memories of my own children.  And it was so obvious that A and D felt the same love when they held Sam.  Sam was such a trooper to endure so many positions for his first photo session!  Even Lucky, the dog was up for a photo shoot. 

I was elated when A asked me to photograph her new family and I was even more elated when I managed to get so many MAGNIFICENT images.  I have a lot of images because I just had too many that I loved.  Let me know what you think – some I couldn’t decide – black or white or color.

And help this family out – 25 comments will get them a free 8 x 10!






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[Sabrina – our sweet little guinea pig] sheila mckay photography | charlotte nc photographer

For all of you that know me and my family, we are very near and dear to animals.  I have loved them for as long as I can remember and my kids have been the same way.  We sometimes call Morgan  – Dr. Doolittle! 

Well, one of our family pets, Sabrina, the guinea pig has passed and it was devastating to all of us.  A guinea pig, was one pet I never had.  Let me tell you the story of how we acquired “Beanie” as we called her. 

On Heath’s 6th birthday, he announced to us he wanted a hamster.  Well, I had experienced the life of a hamster, and wasn’t sure we wanted one.  So, I told Heath he should research guinea pigs.  After all, they were much bigger and reminded us more of a rabbit than a mouse.   So, off to the library we went to check out books about guinea pigs.  We both read about these cute, cuddly animals and what it took to care for one.  My only fear was getting one that was prego!  I heard to many stories of bringing one home and then having way to many a few months later.  I read they could become pregnant as early as 4 months old.  

Our research continued on the web of course – and we stumbled across the Pet Finder site.  Then we noticed there were 2 guinea pigs at the Union County Animal Shelter.  You guessed it, we took a trip to the animal shelter to check this out.  I couldn’t believe  the local shelter housed more than just cats and dogs.  I have always been a firm believer that people should help find homes or provide a home for these unwanted animals rather than buying from a pet store.  When I told my son about the animal shelter and why they were there , he made up his mind that was what he wanted to do – save an animal. 

We looked at the dogs, puppies, and cats and kittens, and only wished we could take them all home.  It was heartbreaking to look at there faces.  So many longing for a home.  But, we were there to save another animal.  We entered a small room that had 2 guinea pigs, 1 black, and very large guinea pig, and 1 big, light tan, guinea pig with small cuts in her ears.  We picked each one up and in an instant Heath decided he wanted “the tan one – because she seems so nice and she isn’t squirmy like the other one”  So, we adopted Bridgett.  Yep, he decided he wanted to change her name to Sabrina – he was naming her after one of his best friends. 

We brought her home and she was indeed the perfect match for us.  She allowed anyone to hold her (and without every biting anyone!), she rode in baby strollers, and watched TV with the kids.  We learned her particular “squeals” and knew when she was hungry, in pain, and even when she needed to go back to her cage to use the bathroom.  Pretty smart for a guinea huh? 

So, now that she is gone – we have a special place in our backyard for her.  The kids have visited each day and my sweet Morgan has made a special stepping stone for her.  I promised the kids we would do something special for her because she was “something special” to us!



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[out of the office] sheila mckay photography | charlotte nc photographer

I will be out of the office from May 28 – June 1, 2010.  I will be responding to emails when I return. 

I you all have a fun and safe Memorial Day!

And, you know I cannot post without a pic!


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[Meet Penny] sheila mckay photography | charlotte nc photographer

Meet Penny!  We have missed seeing her lately.  The rain has brought us so much mud, that it has been pretty hard to get a chance to ride her.  M cannot wait to see her this week.  I am so thankful we have these images to keep her happy when she can’t get out to the farm to see her.

Check back soon – new special and event coming up!


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[Pets] charlotte nc kids photographer|sheila mckay photography

Yes, I typically photograph children and families – but occasionally I will get a few pets in the mix.  As you can tell from my website ,, I also love animals.  I was so excited when I had a holiday session recently and I had a chance to get a couple of shots of these two adorable doggies! 

Meet Rudy and Roger!








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